JounJip Trigger Point Stimulator Tool - Electric Current Sensation with No Needles No Battery
Man using Trigger Point Stimulator Tool on shoulder to release trapped (Qi) energy.
JounJip Trigger Point Stimulator Tool - Electric Current Sensation with No Needles No Battery
Using Trigger Point Stimulator Tool on hand to release trapped (Qi) energy.
Trigger Point Stimulator Tool

Trigger Point Stimulator Tool

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The tool's quick surge of electric current releases trapped (Qi) energy, producing a deep muscle tissue massage on sore areas. Mimicking acupuncture concepts, this tool has been loved by professionals for over 30 years.

Material: Metal body and copper tip with two internal quartz crystals.

Dimensions: 4.13 x 4.09 x 1.14 inches

Batteries: Not required

Weight: 3.21 oz

Deep-tissue massage

Stimulate a deep-tissue muscle massage with this highly effective tool. Simply place the copper tip on your trigger area, press the plunger, and experience acupuncture release on various pain points.

Man using Trigger Stimulator tool on hand to relieve pressure.
Trigger pointer plunger moving back and forth
Simple, effective design

The new improved design offers a rounded button to aid in applying the correct pressure with ergonomic handles for comfortable use with no needles or battery power.

Consult with your doctor before use if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have serious life-threatening injuries.

Effective on many trigger points

Neck, Back + Shoulders


Place the copper tip on your trigger point. Make sure one of the metal wings is also making contact with with your skin. Press the plunger for a quick surge of electric current to release trapped (Qi) energy.

Download our how to guide for a diagram of pressure points you can use this tool on.

The body of the tool is metal with a copper tip. The copper tip also includes two quartz crystals inside to create a small stimulus that mimics acupuncture.

No batteries needed! This tool is powered manually by pressing the plunger to release electric current.

Yes. When administering on someone else, make sure to either keep your free hand away from the person's body, or keep your whole palm pressed firmly on their skin. Make sure not to touch any clothing when administering the electric surge.

Do not use on top of clothes. Make sure the copper tip and metal wing have direct contact with your skin.

Yes, to decrease the intensity, twist the bottom half (with the copper tip) counter-clock wise until desired intensity is achieved.

To increase the intensity, turn the bottom half clockwise.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Anverali Talib

I had that item over 15 years & lost it and couldn't find it anywhere. I am glad to find it at JounJip and could purchase it, Thank you

Edward Smith
Unsure about this tool

I used it three or four times. The pain did not leave. Not sure it can work on nerve pain. Perhaps it works on other types of pain. I will use it in the future when I have pain, other than nerve pain.

Daniel Schlender
Stimulator tool--aids in arresting cramps

My wife stops nighttime cramping with the Trigger Point Stimulator. I alleviate sinus infections and stings, and some arthritis with it. I also use at site of injection before and after being injected.

Kraege DeVerin
Great for pain relief

My father had one years ago and used it while recovering from knee surgery.
I use it to relieve the pain in my joints and muscles. Restless leg syndrome?
This helps. Slept wrong and pulled a muscle? This helps.
Needless to say, I love using this when I'm in pain.

Michael Eliot
I'm surprised it worked, but it worked

I bought this for a family member, thought I'd try it out. Stressed out my neck this morning and it's been bothering me all day since. So I gave it a shot.

Clicked the tip up and down my neck on both sides, making sure to make skin contact with one of the 'wings' so it doesn't shock you and instead shoots electricity through the skin.

Amazingly, the pain was gone just a minute later. I was really surprised. But hey, it seems to work. Pain relief was obtained.