TruePower 20-2029 Universal Hub Puller

TruePower 20-2029 Universal Hub Puller

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  • Can be adjusted by legs to an 7-1/2 inch diameter bolt circle
  • Adjustable sliding arms
  • Made of alloy steel and drop forged
  • Includes striking wrench and puller screw
  • Won't distort wheel lugs

Customer Reviews

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Worked great, but you may need longer bolts depending on your application.

I used this to remove stuck on brake drums off an old VW, which had been parked with the parking brake on and left for 20 years. Needless to say, the drums were so rusted, nothing was working.

Since the old VW's had wheels that had thin metal where the lug bolts inserted, they weren't long enough to use with this puller (allowed me to bolt it up, but not enough to grab or be able to position the legs where needed), so I needed longer ones. Once I got that figured out, it worked great!

I've used other pullers in the past, but this one is by far the easiest one to get to work once you get it set up.

Overall, very pleased with my purchase. I like it.

I had a drum on my vintage Ford that would turn with a lot of effort and after a few hits with a hammer on the spindle it came off easily. With the drum that spun freely, I could remove it by hand. I realize this is straight from China, but it actually worked well. I use this to remove all of the drum brakes easily now. I wouldnt go so far as to say use this if you a hard stuck drum, but then again, I havent tried it. It works excellent for what I need it to. I would recommend it to a friend. Great tool for fifty bucks.
It is heavy and doesnt feel whimpy. If I had to say something negative it would be that the part you ran the nuts onto were thick and if I had to really hit it hard I would be worried about busting the threads on the stud. I did not have to deal with this, but that would be a concern if I had to.

Worked great

Worked great on my 53 m38a1 military Jeep

Survived Extreme Test

I purchased this puller because I was unable to remove taper fit brake drums from a 1950's Chrysler rear axle. I put penetrating oil on the axle every day for a week. When I got the puller I installed it, put it under tension and heated the drum with a torch. I then used an impact gun on the puller and applied so much torque that it bent the 9/16 bolts (see photo). The drums finally came free with no damage. The puller worked flawlessly. I don't know if the manufacturer intended for it to be used with an impact gun but it didn't phase it. I'm impressed!

very well built, heavy duty

worked fine to remove the wheel hub on 2003 durango. I have used a three jaw puller before, but this hub just would not move. used a small sledge hammer to spin handle and just kept at it until it finally came free