JounJip Mechanical Lock with Knob in Chrome
Boy walking through door using JounJip Mechanical Lock with Lever
JounJip Mechanical Lock with Knob in Brass
JounJip Mechanical Lock with Lever in Chrome
Door using JounJip Mechanical Lock with Lever in Bronze
JounJip Mechanical Lock with Knob in Bronze
JounJip Mechanical Lock with Lever in Bronze
JounJip Mechanical Lock interior parts

Double Sided Keyless Mechanical Locks

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This high-security latch lock will offer you the peace-of-mind you need in your home with its keyless feature, ensuring the lock won’t get picked.

Includes a Primary Keypad, Secondary Keypad, Door Seals, Latch Locks, Screws, Strike Plates, Latch Support Posts, and Spindles.

EAN code (UPC code) : 5060928560425

Manufacturer: Gino

Material: Wrought Iron

Weight: 3.55-4.2 lbs

Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.1 x 2.4 inches

Batteries: Not required


This battery-free mechanical lock is easy to install, keyless for ease of use, and easily accessible with a code system.

Child walking through door using JounJip Mechanical Keyless Locks
Front entry way using JounJip Keyless Mechanical Lever Lock
Tamper-proof 2 way locks

This reliable automatic latch system has over 4,000 code combinations. It's keyless design protects against bump keys, keeping your entry ways protected against theft.

Latch Lock Use Cases


WARNING: DO NOT install Double-Combination Locks on emergency exit doors or any door requiring passage in case of emergency. Check local codes for more information.

Choose your style

JounJip Mechanical Lock Knob Style available in Chrome, Brass and Bronze

Knob handle

JounJip Mechanical Lock Lever Style available in Chrome and Bronze

Lever handle

Knob handle Lever handle
Finishes Chrome, bronze, & brass Chrome & bronze,
Passage-mode - X
Quick-code X -
Handle type Knob Lever
Universal installation X X


Fits any standard door with a thickness of 35mm-54mm (1 3/8” to 2 1/8”) or (1.37-2.12 inches). Works with metal or wooden doors (right and left doors).

Yes, once the handle is released it will lock automatically.

Yes, the 2.5" wide black plates included with the locks are wide enough to cover the standard door bore holes.

Yes, each lock allows you to change the default code to a code of your choice (over 4000 combinations).

Passage-mode is only available in the lever handle style. It allows you to temporarily turn off the lock's code for easy access for guests.

Quick-code is only available in the knob handle style. It allows you to quickly change the lock's code without disassembling the lock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Sheila T
Great duel keypad lock!

Great lock, heavy duty and easy to install! Multiple variations of hardware selections included. Installed on interior steel door, looks and works great. Couldn’t be happier! Would buy again!

Great product, even more amazing customer service

I bought this for an outside gate. I was going to use a smart lock (ble, bluetooth, zwave) but none of them are rated for outside use. I stumbled upon this product while looking for something on amazon and I couldn't be happier. I had some requests and the customer service is just incredible. Very responsive and super helpful. I highly recommend this product.

Mayra Farias
We love these!!! Exactly what we were looking for!!

I love all the smart features of this lock! A lot of thought went into creating it! Comes with a suggested combination and card for easy, quick use. Store away card with code if you choose to keep it. Comes with a paper template for your door installation super helpful. & VERY easy to follow instructions. Please please please read all instructions carefully and thoroughly FIRST so you don’t void the warranty on the locks! Super easy too recode but DO read instructions first! Again, you don’t want to void warranty for not following instructions. Lastly, I love love love that you can enter code in & out of order it doesn’t matter it locks in place & order doesn’t matter. It’s very safe, secure & friendly user. Do, do, do, get know which way to turn the knob or it won’t open! It only turns in one direction. Lastly, love love love the color exactly what I needed and wanted for our custom doors. & lock feature works from both sides of the door the exact same way! Love it! Absolutely love it! We purchased two!!! Loved it & so did our iron gate worker! He said he had never worked with such a smart & clever lock mechanism!! Loved it!

Robyn S.
Love it !

First , kudos to the owner of this company. We had a lot of questions and he text right back . Also made a helpful suggestion on a box that can be used to modify a gate . We did it and love the outcome . Our issue is like many . We had solicitors and some weird stuff start happening in surrounding areas ( stolen packages etc) so we added this lock feature to our courtyard gate . It’s a nice added barrier before anyone gets to the front door :) .. to get this to work because I was determined to make it work , we did have to cut and modify gate . Luckily our friend can weld so it was a quick modification that allowed us to modify , paint the box that allowed for this to be installed , and finish entire project in a quick time .. couple hours and most of that was driving to friends house . Anyway , I love that you need code to go in and out . Some say they use for gates for grandchildren so for extra safety you can set a different code on each keypad . So it’s versatile.
So we highly recommend this . Our friends now want this for their needs . One actually wants to build a courtyard so he can have this extra layer of security.. on another note - for deliveries - don’t forget to update that you have key code . For example, most of our deliveries have garage key, but for the ones that are porch drop off , make sure to update that area and input your code or packages won’t get where you want them . That’s if you are using like us at a front entry area . All in all, love it and again , huge shoutout to the seller . Very helpful !!!!!

Samantha Johnson
Great product!

We had this gate installed a few years ago and it came with a lock similar to this one from the same brand, I guess after 5 years it was time to change it, since this is in our front door it gets used a lot. Well I am very pleased with this lock, absolutely perfect, fits exactly where the other one was, my husband also had no problem to instal. The only think that I would change on this is to add so option to keep it from locking for when we have parties and don’t want to give the code out to everyone, our option now is just to keep the door open but if someone accidentally closes we have to put the code. Other than that this is perfect.